Why Choose Whole and Intact Early Harvest Colostrum

4 Hour Colostrum vs Late Harvest Colostrum

Most colostrum producers harvest colostrum in a sixteen to twenty-four hour window and from two milkings instead of only the first time the cow is milked. They start out with a lesser product than does Goettsche Labs. There is nothing they can do to make it any better. The graph below shows the steep drop in total solids and albumin hour by hour post calving. The solids, albumin, and fat contain the bioactive components. A time scale going from zero hours to 24 hours post calving is also a quality scale, with zero hours the highest quality and 24 hours almost entirely plain milk. Dairy cows produce more colostrum than the calves require. The first few hours yield the very highest quality colostrum, which rightfully belongs to the calves. Goettsche Labs colostrum is collected on average 4 hours post calving, after the needs of the calves are fully met.

Graph of colostrum transition to milk

Whole Colostrum vs Defatted “Liposomal” Colostrum

Goettsche Labs colostrum is whole and intact, with nothing added and nothing removed. It contains the fat with its natural lipids such as gangliosides that are crucial to maintaining brain and spinal cord health as well as the health of the peripheral nervous system. See research. Besides gangliosides there many other bioactive lipids in colostral fat. Some companies market “liposomal” colostrum with the fat removed and lecithin added to make the product water soluble. Goettsche Labs believes that it is not wise to try to outsmart Mother Nature. But the absence of colostral fat with its bioactive lipids is not the entire problem with “liposomal” colostrum. “Liposomal” colostrum has been instantized so that it dissolves immediately in water. That is how “liposomal” colostrum marketers say to use it, dissolve it in water and drink it. The problem with that is that much of the benefit of colostrum occurs in the mouth, throat, and esophagus, such as direct protection against infection in the mouth and throat, where infection often begins, and healing of the gums, other oral tissues, and esophagus. Drinking colostrum in a liquid largely bypasses these benefits whereas introducing colostrum directly into the mouth in either powder or lozenge form maximizes them. See detailed usage instructions.

150 Million Years in Nature’s Laboratory

Colostrum evolved along with mammals over an estimated 150 million years. With over 10,000 published studies, it may be the most intensively studied substance on the planet. Yet the surface has only been scratched regarding how it does everything it does. Colostrum is inscrutably complex. There are many hundreds of components in colostrum that work together, complementing and interregulating each other. To try to improve colostrum by removing part of it or by adding anything to it risks upsetting the natural balance and synergy so important to colostrum benefits. Goettsche Labs colostrum is pure, whole, and intact, with nothing added and nothing removed. And remember, colostrum works for dogs and cats as well as humans. Why wait another day? Get started on an incredible journey of renewal today!