Frequently Asked Questions

Is Goettsche Labs Colostrum from United States dairies?
Yes, it is exclusively from small, Wisconsin, family dairies.
Is Goettsche Labs colostrum organic and are the cows grass fed?
Each batch of Synertek colostrum is tested by both an in-house laboratory and an independent third-party laboratory to be sure it is free of micro-contaminants of all kinds, including chemical, heavy metal, and micro-biological, and that it meets the parameters of 1st six hour colostrum. The dairies are hand picked for their wholesome and organic practices including grass feeding, but there are not enough certified organic dairies nor exclusively grass fed dairies to meet the demand for colostrum and therefore not all the dairies are certified organic and not all are solely grass fed.
How does Goettsche Labs compare to New Zealand and other brands?
New Zealand colostrum is taken from two milkings over a 24 hour period, which is scientifically described as transitional milk. Most US brands are harvested from two milkings over a period of up to 72 hours.
Are the cows given hormones or antibiotics?


What about the calves? Don’t they need the colostrum too?

The calves are given their fill of the first colostrum, thus assuring their health, strength, and vitality, and the future of the dairy herds. Four hours is the earliest harvest time that allows time for the cow and calf to bond uninterrupted, which is essential for the psychological well being of both the cow and the calf.

Should the fat be removed?

No. “The first way of denaturing colostrum is by taking out the fat.”(Lance S. Wright, M.D.)

The fat contains active components, such as a group of lipids called gangliosides.
Gangliosides participate in diverse biological processes, including neural development, pathogen binding, and activation of the immune system. (J Agric Food Chem. 2013 Oct 9;61(40):9689-96. doi: 10.1021/jf402255g. Epub 2013 Sep 30.) Lipids are also involved in the transport and absorption of various components of colostrum.

What form of colostrum is best to use?

For internal use, use the lozenges or powder, for topical use, the freeze dried dissolved in a little water. Either the lozenges or powder provide maximize immune system strengthening. The powder is more suitable for larger usage amounts. Larger amounts will result in more of some benefits, such as lean muscle development, fat burning, athletic benefit, healing rate, and anti-aging effect.

The freeze dried has the fat removed, therefore it is not generally recommended for internal usage. However it is wonderful for topical usage – to stop nosebleeds, rapidly heal skin injuries, and to quickly heal eczema and other skin irritations. Put a few drops of the solvated product on a skin injury and you can actually see a dramatic amount of healing in only four or five minutes.

Should I mix the powder with water or some beverage?
You can, but colostrum that is 100% pure, whole, and intact, such as Goettsche Labs, is slow to dissolve in water and requires a fair amount of mixing. Some people mix it in a dab of applesauce or yogurt, or blend it in a smoothie. The best way is to just toss the colostrum straight in your mouth and eat it like any other nutritious food. A small amount will stick to the teeth and gums and provide extra benefit as it dissolves there, such as increased sublingual absorption, direction protection against infection in the mouth, throat, and larynx, where infection often begins, and healing of the gums, other oral tissues, and the esophagus.
Does the powder taste bad?

Top quality colostrum has a mild flavor which most people enjoy, similar to fresh whole milk but with more richness and body.


What about lactose intolerance?
Anyone with lactose intolerance can use the maintenance level of Goettsche Labs colostrum without symptoms. Most persons with lactose intolerance can use any amount of Goettsche Labs colostrum they want, and some customers have reported that their lactose intolerance vanished altogether after using Goettsche Labs colostrum for a time.
Is Goettsche Labs Colostrum Flash-Pasteurized?
Yes, for 15 seconds at 161 degrees F. Be skeptical of claims about raw colostrum, as it is illegal to sell raw dairy products in most states. Also there is an upside to pasteurization as it prevents the transmission of E Coli, Salmonella, Tuberculosis and other potentially deadly pathogens.
What is the return and refund policy?

Money-back, 90 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee for one opened container, additional containers must be returned with the seals intact for a refund.

What about dairy allergies?

Some persons with dairy allergies report symptoms and some do not. Our freeze dried product has most of the casein removed. It may be less likely to be problematic for persons with dairy allergies. Each person is unique and the experience of one person may not be the same as the experience of another person.