Colostrum contains the complete array of natural growth factors that our bodies produce in abundance when we are young but less than half as much after the age of 35. Growth factors regenerate all body tissues, including old and damaged muscle, skin, nerve, bone and cartilage cells. Our bodies age more and more rapidly as growth factors decline with age. That is the primary reason why supplementation with high quality colostrum is so anti-aging. 

Three generations at the summit of Mount Elbert, Colorado’s highest peak. Tom Higham founder of Synertek at age 70.

Me on Longs Peak at age 71. Long’s Peak was a 15 hour day. It is estimated that only 47% of those who attempt Long’s Peak reach the summit.

August 2021, now age 73, climbing Devil’s Tower in Wyoming with my daughter.

Celebrating my 75th Birthday Hang Gliding.