Colostrum contains the complete array of natural growth factors that our bodies produce in abundance when we are young, and less than half as much after the age of 35, when we typically notice ourselves really beginning to age. Send us your anti-aging photo and if we post it we will send you a free kilo of 1st four hour colostrum.

Three generations at the summit of Mount Elbert, Colorado’s highest peak.  Tom Higham Synertek at a young 70.


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Lt Colonel USAF, retired, age 84. Have been using your colostrum for about twenty years. Totally satisfied! Will be 85 in July; and I’m in excellent health. Every new doctor or nurse that I see take a second look at my record and comment that I look to be at least fifteen years younger. I attribute much of this to my daily use of colostrum.

This is just filler space to separate the elements on the page.

Billy C, 80 years of age. Two years ago, I was searching for a supplement to help increase my energy and endurance. I found the Synertek First Six Colostrum Powder website and made my first order. After taking this product for six weeks, I knew I had found the one that truly gave me the results that I was looking for.

Me on Longs Peak at age 71. Long’s Peak was a 15 hour day. It is estimated that only 47% of those who attempt Long’s Peak reach the summit, so it felt pretty good, aided by the anti-aging benefit of colostrum.