Colostrum for Dogs and Cats

Photo of dog and cat eating colostrum from same dish.


The Best Colostrum for Humans is Also the Best Colostrum for Dogs and Cats.

Dogs and cats love colostrum and thrive on it. If the colostrum is of high quality there is no need for additives such as artificial flavoring to get them to eat it. They relish the taste and smell of pure, natural, high quality colostrum. Toss it on their food and they will eat it before they eat whatever food you put it on. The amount does not have to be exact. The more you give them the happier they are. A teaspoon or so of the powder at each feeding is a good amount for dogs  regardless of body weight, and a half teaspoon is a great amount for cats.

Perfected for Over 300 Million Years

According to scientific estimate colostrum has evolved with mammals for an estimated 300 million years. But colostrum evolution goes back even before mammals. The earliest colostrum began with pre-mammals called synapsids. Synapsids and then mammals with the newest and best innovations in colostrum survived and passed on their genes. Over hundreds of millions of years and countless generations colostrum evolved to what it is today. Because species that would eventually become mice, or primates, or elephants were exposed to the same survival challenges, including viruses and bacteria, colostrum evolved almost identically with each species. That is why bovine colostrum works for dogs and cats as well as humans, and why the best colostrum for humans is also the best colostrum for dogs and cats.