Apolo endorses Synertek Colostrum.

“I’ve used Synertek colostrum through two consecutive Olympics. It’s helped me stay healthy, recover faster, and be at the peak of my game.”—Apolo Ohno (All-Time Winner of Most Winter Olympic Medals)

Why Synertek Pure 1st Six Hour Colostrum?

Synertek believes that nature knows what it is doing, and that colostrum should be used just as nature designed it. Colostrum harvested early is very different from colostrum harvested later, since the quantities and proportions of components change as time passes post calving, and dramatically after the six hour mark.  The Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry, a college textbook, clearly illustrates that fact with a table showing Transition From Colostrum to Normal Milk.



Synertek colostrum is harvested from U.S. Midwestern family farms after the calves have had their fill. The farms are carefully chosen for overall quality, with appropriate regard for the health and welfare of the cows and calves, organic practices, and grass feeding.


Each batch of Synertek colostrum is processed and packaged with Good Manufacturing Practices. It is carefully flash pasteurized and spray dried, with state-of-the-art technology that preserves maximum product quality.

Quality Control

Synertek colostrum is harvested exclusively from U.S. grade A dairies. Each batch of colostrum is tested both by an in-house lab and an independent lab, Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories, for purity, safety, and to be certain it meets the parameters of six hour colostrum, and only then is it certified.


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