Apolo endorses Synertek Colostrum.

“I’ve used Synertek colostrum through two consecutive Olympics. It’s helped me stay healthy, recover faster, and be at the peak of my game.”—Apolo Ohno (All-Time Winner of Most Winter Olympic Medals)

Why Synertek Pure 1st Six Hour Colostrum?

Common sense tells us that colostrum should be used just as nature designed it. It should not defatted to artificially raise immunoglobulin percentages, or otherwise altered to raise the percentages of any other components that are being promoted for marketing purposes.  The natural fat in colostrum contains an array of vital lipids, such as gangliosides, which are essential for nerve and brain function, and all the hundreds of vital components of colostrum are in the proportions designed by nature to establish and maintain homeostasis, the dynamic balance of our physiology, without which good health or even life is impossible.  Also it is important to harvest colostrum within the first six hours post calving. First six hour colostrum is very different from colostrum harvested later, since the quantities and proportions of components change as time passes  post calving, and dramatically after the six hour mark.  The Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry, a college textbook, clearly illustrates that fact with a table showing Transition From Colostrum to Normal Milk. Synertek markets exclusively 100% natural colostrum, harvested consistently within six hours post calving, with nothing added and nothing removed. First six hour certification cannot be a one-time event. Each batch of colostrum must be tested to be sure the colostrum is consistently first six hour colostrum. Each batch of Synertek colostrum is tested and verified to be first six hour colostrum by Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories.

Why Synertek Does Not Sell Capsules or “Instantized” Colostrum

Capsule marketers may argue that capsules bypass the stomach’s digestive enzymes. The truth is that capsules tend to float on stomach contents until releasing the contents (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8138903). That is especially true of encapsulated colostrum since it is quite light. If you have encapsulated colostrum, drop one of the capsules in water and you will see that it floats until it dissolves. Moreover since capsules prevent the exposure of colostrum to the membranes of the mouth and throat, all benefits that may occur in the mouth and throat with natural, not encapsulated colostrum are lost, such as sublingual absorption, direct protection against infection in the mouth and throat, where infection often begins, and healing of the gums and esophagus. This is also the case with colostrum that is “instantized” by coating it with lecithin, which makes colostrum dissolve instantly in liquid, but is then swallowed with the liquid, with almost no exposure of the colostrum components in the mouth and esophagus.


Synertek colostrum is harvested from U.S. Midwestern family farms, carefully chosen for overall quality, with appropriate regard for the health and welfare of the cows and calves, organic practices, and grass feeding.


Synertek’s harvesting and processing company was the first in the business. It developed harvesting and processing procedures that have been copied with varying degrees of success by every colostrum company since. Each batch of Synertek colostrum is flash pasteurized and spray dried, in accord with practices proven through years of research and testing to maintain maximum product quality.

Quality Control

Synertek colostrum is harvested exclusively from U.S. grade A dairies. Each batch of colostrum is tested both by an in-house lab and an independent lab, Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories, for purity, safety, and to be certain it meets the parameters of six hour colostrum, and only then is it certified.


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