Does Colostrum Have Health Risks?

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Although there are no known health risks with whole and intact colostrum, risks may arise if the natural composition of colostrum is altered. The composition of colostrum is sometimes altered for various commercial purposes. Why is that unwise? Colostrum is about balance. Health is about balance. That is more than coincidence. The balance in colostrum supports the dynamic physiological balance of our bodies known as homeostasis.

Three Giveaways that Colostrum has Been Altered

(1) Colostrum dissolves quickly in water.

This indicates that the fat has been removed. There are many specific-purpose bioactive lipids in the fat. Throwing the fat out not only eliminates the bioactivity that these lipids provide, but may also degrade the inscrutably complex balance of the components in colostrum as they dynamically complement and regulate each other.

(2)Standardized” percentages of components is advertised.

Nature is not standardized. There will be variations from cow to cow, from herd to herd, and from day to day. Beware of phrasing such as “Standardized at 30% IgG”. This can be an indication that a component percentage is standardized by adding or removing other components.

(3) Advertisements tout unreasonably high percentages of components that get the most publicity.

This can indicate that components that do not get as much publicity, but are just as essential to colostrum balance, have been removed to raise the percentages of publicized “showcase” components. Altered colostrum may provide short term benefit, but what will be the long term effects? That is unknown. The bottom line is you can trust nature or you can trust man and man’s “improvements” to colostrum. At Goettsche we choose to trust nature. Goettsche therefore markets exclusively whole, intact, balanced colostrum.


“We are Unconscious Of Most Of Our Body’s Processes,
Thank Goodness, Because We’d Screw It Up If We Weren’t.”

Lynn Margulis, Professor of Biophysiology