This product is everything it claims to be and the ordering was very straightforward. Delivery was prompt. I found the price reasonable compared to local prices and the quality of the product excellent.

I have so far found the product to seem to improve my digestion in two weeks. Product is great..My internal system never felt stronger!

I love this colostrum…didnt have any problems whatsoever ordering. and I thought it was an excellent price for all the stuff i ordered!! liquid colostrum is nothing short of a miracle product..my daughter came home from camp with second degree burns all over her face..we immediately put the liquid on there, which not only helped with pain..within two days all that was left was small pinkish spots..they are completely gone now, whereas her legs which were less badly burned are still a peeling mess almost two weeks later, we didnt apply any colostrum to them!

I am very pleased with the service from Synertek Colostrum and shall continue to order from them in the future.The powder is helping my mouth to heal,and the liquid helps with mosquito bites etc.Reason I buy this is because I have Lupus,and if ordering from the States is what I have to do I shall continue to do so, even if it is more costly for me.

I can’t say enough about the superb quality of their colostrum products! I’ve tried other colostrum products that were more expensive yet I almost gave up on this supplement b/c I saw no difference when taking it. Luckily, I decided to give it one more try and purchased Synertek colostrum, and I saw results immediately! A great product at a great price – do not hesitate at all – you’ll get your money’s worth and so much more!

While the price is a bit higher that other colostrum suppliers, the quality is also higher, so I don’t mind paying the higher price. I was delighted at how little time it took to get my purchase and how low their shipping fees are. My mother called them with questions about her order as well, and they were exceptionally helpful. A great product and a great company.

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What a phenomenal product and the service is just a great. I am a Personal Fitness Trainer and I highly recommend this product and the company!

This is my 3rd order for the wonderful face cream. You WILL notice a difference in skin texture! Highly recommended.

Thanks to companies like yours being able offer the masses nutritional supplement is a beautiful thing especially when our government is nutritionally trying to starve us. Thanks and I have gotten my family and neighbors on Synertek colostrum!

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I have bought several other brands of this product and this is by far the best quality for a much better price! And its from the U.S. instead of New Zealand, which means my carbon footprint is much smaller!


I have ordered twice, and both orders shipped within 24 hours & arrived very quickly. Excellent communication – automated emails kept me informed of my order status. Excellent product too.

Exceptional in all areas. I most appreciate the consistency with which orders are processed, shipped and arrive in 3 to 4 days.

If I had to sum up my overall experience in one sentence I would say: This company has outstanding customer service and a phenomenal product. I would recommend them to any of my clients as well as friends!

Synertek is very easy to shop with and I would recommend them to anyone and as a matter of fact, I have. My ENT doctor and my hemotologist doctor now both keep their product in their offices.

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I love this product. I’ve used it before. Very high quality and great for healing damaged gut lining. I highly recommend this product to anyone with digestive issues.