My Story

For me colostrum was life changing. That is why I founded Synertek. Wind the clock back 23 years. I suffered from horrific environmental allergies and debilitating chronic fatigue. Those two go together. The immune system works overtime fighting allergens it is not supposed to be fighting, and that is a constant drain of energy. Throw in Epstein Barr Virus that an estimated 90% of people have, which after the initial symptoms, never goes completely away, but lies latent and can become active whenever the immune system is weakened. Between allergies and EBV my immune system was waging two battles it could never completely win. The chronic fatigue was worst in the morning when I woke up. It was a struggle to just get up. I felt like I had been drugged. It happened that a local doctor, who at one time was my doctor, contracted a disease that made him so physically and mentally weak that he could no longer practice medicine, his marriage fell apart, his whole life was in shambles. He tried colostrum and claimed that it gave him his life back. I’m not telling secrets, he wrote a book about it, Colostrum a Journey Toward Better Health and Brighter Tomorrows. When someone told me about the doctor’s experience I did not give it a lot of thought. And then a rancher friend of mine, Bob, who was in his eighties and merely riding in the pickup to the store with his wife exhausted him, tried colostrum, and before long he was back working on the ranch. I’m a skeptic by nature but the evidence had become convincing and I gave colostrum a try. The result was so incredible, that although it was over two decades ago, I can still remember that in only ten days my allergies were gone and my energy was at the ceiling. Colostrum both strengthens the immune system and modulates it. Modulation is an essential immune system function that stimulates an immune response to harmful invaders while simultaneously suppressing a response against innocuous substances, such as allergens.

When colostrum did things for me I never would have dreamed possible I wanted to be part of such a dynamic and exciting industry. I found the producer of the colostrum I was using, which as it happened was the highest quality colostrum on the planet, although I did not know that at the time, and asked him if I could market his colostrum under a private label, and founded Synertek. As time went on I learned that allergy relief and more energy were not the only benefits of colostrum. Month by month and year by year colostrum never stopped working and I realized benefits I had not even imagined possible. Colostrum awakens, stimulates, regulates and maintains all body systems. It addresses every aspect of health. Now at age 73 one of the greatest benefits I have been fortunate enough to experience has been anti-aging. I have no doubt that I am able to do vigorous activities I would not be able to do without colostrum, at least not as well or with as much enjoyment. I urge you to try Synertek/Goettsche Labs Colostrum4®. It is the only colostrum harvested on average within four hours post parturition, after the calves have had their needs met. By objective, scientific measures that makes it is the highest quality colostrum on the planet.

Tom Higham

My story about colostrum.

My 73rd birthday climbing Devils Tower in Wyoming.