Synertek Colostral Eye Cream

Photo of Eye CreamSynertek all natural eye cream reduces eye bags 50% to 75% within a day or two of usage, smooths wrinkles, restores elasticity, and helps to prevent aging. Compare to colostrum skin creams in the $100 to $200 price range. As with all Synertek products 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee.

Photo of lady applying eye skin cream with colostrum.

ONE-TWO Knockout Punch for Wrinkles

Two cosmetic heavyweights have joined battle against wrinkles and saggy old looking skin. The first of these is colostrum. Colostrum contains a full array of natural growth factors and peptides that speed the replacement of old or damaged skin cells with new, healthy skin cells. This rapid replacement of damaged and aged skin cells with the aid of natural growth factors is the status quo for young persons, a natural and normal process that keeps our skin looking young and elastic until about the mid thirties, which is about the time that our body’s production of growth factors drops as much as 50%, and we begin to see ever accelerating aging of our skin as the growth factors continue to decline, as well as accelerated aging of all other body tissues including bone, nerve, cartilage, and muscle tissues. For this reason internal usage of colostrum is a first defense against physical aging, and applying colostrum topically to the skin, such as in Synertek’s deep penetrating serums and lotions, is incredibly powerful and effective in keeping the skin regenerated and young.

The second natural heavyweight that is establishing itself as a powerful force in skin care is hyaluronic acid. Don’t let the word “acid” mislead you. Hyaluronic acid is a a powerful humectant (moisturizer) that is not only gentle to the skin, but naturally occurs in the skin in high levels when we are young and in decreasing levels as we grow older, and that is one of the reasons why our skin loses softness and plumpness as we age and looks increasingly dried out, wrinkled, and harsh.

Usage: Apply at least once or twice daily beneath and beside the eyes.

Shipping within the US: Only $6.00 for any size order, priority mail, normally ships same or next business day.

Six months 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

Price: Only $39.95 per 15 ml jar.