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Richard Cockrum The Father of Colostrum

Richard Cockrum
The Father of Colostrum

Synertek was founded in 1999 in cooperation with Richard Cockrum, DVM. Dr. Cockrum conceived of, researched, and pioneered the use of colostrum as a dietary supplement. Beth Ley, PhD nutrition, renowned dietary supplement authority and author, fittingly awarded the title of “the father of colostrum” to Dr. Cockrum in her book, Colostrum, Nature’s Gift to the Immune System. Extensive research conducted by Dr. Cockrum and aided by a major veterinary university, demonstrated that only colostrum harvested within six hours of calving provides the maximum benefit designed by nature. Companies other than Synertek, attempting to ride on the coattails of Dr. Cockrum’s research, may claim that they market 1st six hour colostrum, when independent analysis of those products indicates that by the parameters established by Dr. Cockrum for determining first six hour colostrum, they do not market 1st six hour colostrum, but colostrum that is harvested between 12 and 24 hours post calving. Only colostrum provided by Dr. Cockrum, as marketed by Synertek, is consistently from the first six hours post calving with each batch of colostrum verified to meet the parameters of 1st six hour colostrum by both an in-house lab and an independent lab (Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories, Inc.).