Important Facts About 1st-Four-Hour Colostrum Powder

Why Colostrum Works

Sometimes known as First Milk, colostrum is the pre-lacteal secretion of the mammary glands and is without doubt the most complex and incredible dietary supplement on earth. God and Nature and one hundred fifty million years of mammalian evolution created colostrum to promote health, vitality, and strength, and guess what, it is no surprise that colostrum works! Humans produce colostrum, just like all other mammals, and colostrum works for adults as well as the newborn. Colostrum for use as a dietary supplement is harvested from dairy cows. Human colostrum and bovine colostrum are virtually identical.

When Colostrum May Not Work

At the time of calving the cow’s udder contains 100% colostrum, but it begins to change to milk immediately after the cow has the calf. Within 24 hours the contents of the udder may be as little as 16% colostrum and 86% milk. It is essential to harvest the colostrum within four hours of the time of calving, otherwise the colostrum is diluted and degraded and may not provide the health benefits it was created to. What are all the health benefits of colostrum? Colostrum awakens, stimulates, regulates, and maintains all biosystems. That’s a big unbrella and in one way or another it covers every imaginable aspect of good health.

Advantages Of Using Synertek Colostrum Powder

Synertek Goettsche Labs Colostrum is one of the very few brands that is certified to be harvested within 4 hours post calving. Synertek powder is 100% 1st four hour colostrum, with nothing removed and nothing added. Since it is 100% pure, the powder form makes it easy to use larger amounts, which may be helpful for persons with compromised health. Larger amounts can also have a visible and dramatic anti-aging effect. Synertek colostrum powder has long been the choice of Olympic athletes and other world class athletes, including Apolo Ohno and many others. If you are looking for more lean muscle, faster muscle recovery after working out, better oxygenation, and general athletic benefits, Synertek colostrum powder is the preferred form. “How do I take the colostrum powder for maximum benefit?” you may ask. It’s simple really, colostrum is a food, with Synertek colostrum powder you just toss it in your mouth and eat it and it tastes great. (Other brands, of lesser quality and not properly harvested, may smell and taste rank, a good reason to avoid them.)

Recommended usage: One or two tsp twice daily. There are 166 tsp per jar.

Price: $59.95 per 8.8 oz jar, only $49.95 each for 3 or more.

Ingredients: 100% pure 1st four hour colostrum, nothing added and nothing removed. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed with all Synertek products.