Synertek Colostral Skin Serum

Why Synertek Colostral Skin Serum WorksPhoto of lady with great skin

Growth factors regenerate all body tissues including muscle, cartilage, nerves, bone, and skin. Colostrum has a complete and balanced array of the natural growth factors that our bodies produce in abundance when we are young. As we age our bodies produce less and less of the growth factors, until at the age of 35 we are producing roughly half of the peak in earlier years. That is a major factor in the aging process, and why colostrum can reverse aging when taken as a supplement and when applied topically to the skin. Beauty may be only skin deep but the skin goes pretty deep, and the outward appearance of the skin depends on the deep layers as well as the surface. Synertek colostral skin serum is formulated to carry regenerating growth factors to the deeper layers of the skin. At the same time if you are taking Synertek colostrum internally it is helping to regenerate your skin from the inside, as well as all your other body tissues, in addition to the many other incredible benefits of colostrum.

Growth factor decline with age chart.

Decline in IGF-1 with increasing age, National Center for Biotechnologiy Information