Freeze Dried Extract Usage Instructions


Topical Usage

For Skin Injuries to Stop Bleeding and Heal the Injury

Add to water in a ratio of approximately one scoop (1/4 tsp) of freeze dried to about a teaspoon of water. The measurement does not have to be exact, a rough estimate is fine, a bit more concentrated is better than a bit weaker. Tear or cut a piece of Kleenex tissue (the kind without lotion) of a size to cover the affected area. Soak it thoroughly with the solvated freeze dried and apply to affected area. Cover this with plastic wrap such as Saran Wrap or Glad Wrap to prevent drying. Leave in place as long as practical. Visible healing can be seen in 5 to 10 minutes. To heal something such as a small but stubborn skin injury on one of my fingers, I will sometimes use a bandaid or two to hold the plastic wrap and tissue in place and leave it overnight, which will usually heal the injury once and for all.

For Nosebleeds

Wad Kleenex tissue as if you were going to put it in your nostril to impede the flow of bleeding, soak it with the liquefied freeze dried extract and insert it in your nostril, it needs to fit snugly. The bleeding will usually stop within 5 or 10 minutes. There will not be clotting. Any bloody slime can be blown out without restarting the bleeding and the nostril will have as free and open breathing as the other nostril, and often better. Discard any unused liquid, there are no preservatives in the freeze dried extract.

Internal Usage

Use as directed on the bottle label, placing 1/4 tsp of the extract powder on the tongue and pressing it to roof of mouth while it dissolves. The shelf life is over two years from the purchase date when stored at room temperature in a dry location.