Hour by Hour Colostrum Transition to Normal Milk

Essential Facts about Bovine Colostrum

  1. With cows there is a hormone flux at the time of calving that changes colostrum production. This results in an hour by hour change in the colostrum contained in the udder.
  2. The change after 6 hours post calving is dramatic. From 6 hours to 12 hours the proteins, which include the most vital active components, are reduced by about 40%.
  3. The fat in colostrum contains many different lipids, many with specialized functions. Only whole, intact, 100% pure colostrum such as Synertek contains all the lipids designed by nature.

Change Over Time

The table below from the Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry (a college textbook) shows the change in colostrum over time post calving, as colostrum transitions to normal milk.

Marker levels typical of O hour colostrum and 6 hour colostrum.

Change over time post calving.

Marker levels in Synertek colostrum compared to O and 6 hour colostrum.

Marker levels in O and 6 hour colostrum.

Comparison of Synertek with 0 hour and 6 hour colostrum.

Comparison of Synertek with 0 hour and 6 hour colostrum.

The products of eight leading competitors are compared to O hour and 6 hour colostrum
in the graph below. This research was conducted by a major United States university.

Graph showing comparison of competitors' brands with 0 and 6 hour colostrum.

Comparison of competitors’ brands
with 0 and 6 hour colostrum.

None of Synertek’s competitors in the study have marker values
consistent with those of O-6 hour bovine colostrum.*

About Synergy

Nature in her perfect way has designed for the components of colostrum to complement each other. Working together in the correct proportions, they accomplish more than the sum of the benefits of each of the components working independently, a phenomenon known as synergy.

Certified Analysis Synertek Lot #579

Component Lot #579 Actual
Protein 55.8%
Fat 21.7%
Lactose 11.6%
Total Immunoglobulin 32.0%

*Not all colostrum producers worldwide were analyzed for colostrum harvest time. There may be colostrum producers not included that harvest within six hours.


The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.