Anti-Aging and Colostrum

Fountain of Youth — Myth or Science?

“I am 83 years old.* Have been using your colostrum for over 15 years.* I’m sure that it has much to do with my excellent health.* Every time I see a new doctor or nurse, they take a second look at my records and back at me.* They can’t believe my age!”* – Odell S.

Photo depicting the anti-aging.
Is the Fountain of Youth a complete myth, or was Ponce De Leon — as the country song goes — just looking in all the wrong places? There is a growing body of scientific evidence and personal experience that suggest there may, in a very significant sense, be a Fountain of Youth after all.*

An Anti-Aging Study

A 1990 study referenced in The New England Journal of Medicine in an article about colostrum (Bovine Colostrum Emerges as Immune System Modulator) indicated that GH, a colostrum component, may reverse some of the signs of aging, including loss of bone density.* In the study, Dr. Daniel Rudman treated 26 men between the ages of 61 and 80 with GH. Patients experienced a decrease in overall body fat (up to 14%) and an increase in bone density and lean muscle mass.* In addition, their skin was thicker and more elastic.* Rudman said the changes were equivalent to those incurred over a 10- to 20- year period of aging.(The American Journal of Natural Medicine, 3/1998)

Colostrum and Anti-Aging Testimonials

“I was really surprised to get hair regrowth and color restoration within about four months that replaced about the past ten years of hair loss and greying!* Over the same time period I got more athletic, with body fat being replaced by lean muscle, no more flabby, droopy, old man pectorals.* I’m sixty years old and my body is strong and lean and looks like it did in my twenties.* You have one heck of a product it literally turns back the aging clock!* Keep producing it!”* – John Gallegos

“I would not be without Synertek skin cream. It has made my skin feel softer and has taken out the lines that aging had want to put in.”* – Carolyn Devon

“The colostrum skin cream has taken away my facial wrinkles, my teen daughter told me Mom your face looks great, what did you do with your wrinkles?* It also took away a bad rash I had all over my legs and arms that even prescription stuff would not cure.”* – Nancy Wolstenhulme


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