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What Colostrum Is And What It Does
Colostrum is produced by the mammary glands before milk and is the first meal of all mammals including humans. Colostrum awakens, stimulates, regulates and maintains all body systems. Colostrum contains hundreds of healthful components that work together in perfect balance, including immune factors that both strengthen and balance the immune system, and natural growth factors that repair damaged body cells, regenerate aging body cells, build lean muscle, and burn fat. Only colostrum harvested 0-6 hours post calving provides the bio-activity and synergism designed by nature. Read more.
Why Not Capsules?
Much of the benefit of colostrum occurs in the mouth and throat, including sublingual absorption, direct protection against infection in the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, and healing of the gums, other oral tissues, and the esophagus. Mixing with saliva helps protect colostrum from digestive enzymes. Capsule sellers may claim that capsules bypass the stomach's digestive enzymes, however capsules float on stomach contents until releasing the colostrum unprotected in the stomach, and the only thing bypassed by capsules are the benefits of taking colostrum as nature intended. If you have encapsulated colostrum, drop one of the capsules in water and you will see that it floats. When colostrum is not in capsules, taste and mouth feel indicate if the colostrum is high quality. Colostrum in capsules may be more milk than colostrum, or rancid, and you will not know it unless you open the capsules and taste the colostrum.
Confused by all the conflicting claims about colostrum? When in doubt do like Synertek and trust nature.
Synertek believes that colostrum is perfect in every detail as designed by God and nature, and markets exclusively 100% pure, whole, intact, 1st six hour colostrum. At the time of calving the udder contains 100% colostrum. Hour by hour it changes to milk. By the second day the udder contains as little as 14% colostrum and 86% milk, so early harvest is essential and the earlier the better.
Products - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Supplements: Pure 1st Six Hour Colostrum Powder; Lozenges; Liquid.
  • Hair Regrowth: Colostral Hair Regrowth Shampoo and Conditioner; Hair Regrowth Serum.
  • Skin Care: Colostral Maximum Regenerating Skin Serum; Regenerating and Moisturizing Cream; Face Mask.
  • Personal Care: Colostral Hemorrhoid Ointment; Acne Lotion.
  • Teeth and Gums: Colostrum and Organic/Wildcrafted Herbal Tooth Brushing Powder.
Synertek colostrum is harvested in the United States from Midwestern Grade A dairies. The dairies are selected with a priority on grass feeding and wholesome, organic practices.
Synertek's harvesting and processing company was founded over four decades ago, was the first in the business, and pioneered and perfected colostrum harvesting and processing procedures that have been copied with varying degrees of success by every colostrum company since. Each batch of Synertek colostrum is flash pasteurized and spray dried at low temperature, in accord with practices perfected through four decades of experience, trial, and research, and proved over time to maintain maximum product quality, including maximum bioactivity and bioavailabilty.
Quality Control
Synertek colostrum is taken only from cows during their fifth lactation onward. This ensures that both the cows and the colostrum are immunologically mature and that no blood gets in the colostrum. With earlier lactations the udder can stretch and bleed, something that does not happen with cows after several lactations. Synertek colostrum is collected in transparent two-gallon jars to allow close visual inspection for macro-contaminants. Any jar of colostrum with an impurity large enough to be seen is discarded. The colostrum is then immediately frozen. Freezing is essential. It stops the colostrum from being degraded by multiplying bacteria while enough colostrum is being collected to process as a batch. Each batch of colostrum is tested both by an in-house lab and an independent lab for organic quality and to be certain it meets the parameters of six hour colostrum, and only then is it certified.