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  • Supplements: Pure 1st six hour colostrum powder; Lozenges; Liquid.
  • Hair Regrowth: Colostral hair regrowth shampoo and conditioner; Hair regrowth serum.
  • Skin care: Colostral maximum regenerating skin serum; Regenerating and moisturizing cream; Face mask.
  • Personal Care: Colostral hemorrhoid ointment; Acne lotion; All natural deodorant.
  • Teeth and Gums: Colostrum and organic/wildcrafted herbal tooth brushing powder, all natural, much more effective for plaque control than toothpaste. Go to shopping page.


Synertek colostrum is harvested from U.S. Grade “A” dairies. Many of the dairymen are multi-generational and are chosen for the high quality of their operations, including organic practices, grass feeding, and wholesome and healthful treatment of their dairy cows. Synertek’s harvesting and processing operation was the first in the industry and has set the standard for excellence since its beginning over three decades ago.


Proper processing begins with freezing the colostrum as soon as possible to prevent bacterial growth. Otherwise the colostrum degrades rapidly, just as milk does. Synertek colostrum is flash pasteurized with a proprietary, FDA approved process developed through years of testing to provide safety while retaining product quality. It is illegal to sell unpasteurized colostrum, however pasteurization can be done with only minimal product degradation if done properly.

Quality Control

Synertek colostrum is collected in transparent two-gallon jars. This enables close visual inspection to be sure none of the jars contain macro-contaminants, those contaminants large enough to see with the naked eye. Each jar is visually inspected a total of five times. Finally the jars of colostrum are combined into larger batches, and each batch is tested by an independent third-party laboratory to certify it is six hour colostrum and free of contaminants of all kinds.