Apolo endorses Synertek Colostrum.

“I’ve used Synertek colostrum through two consecutive Olympics. It’s helped me stay healthy, recover faster and be at the peak of my game.”—Apolo Ohno
Most Winter Olympic Medals

Colostrum Benefits

Are you confused by all the conflicting claims about colostrum?

Synertek is committed to the concept that colostrum is perfect in every detail as designed by nature and that colostrum should remain 100% whole, intact and pure. Nature, in her perfect way, has designed for the components of colostrum to complement each other. Working together in the correct proportions, they accomplish more than the sum of the benefits of each of the components working independently, a phenomenon known as synergism. Synertek believes that the quantities and relative amounts of the components in colostrum required to maximize synergism are best determined and provided by nature, not by men in laboratories, and that changing colostrum to try to “improve” it is a drastic mistake. Synertek also believes that common sense and science both clearly establish that colostrum harvested earlier is more potent than colostrum harvested later, and therefore markets exclusively first six hour colostrum, regardless that much extra effort and expense are required to accomplish that.

Important Facts About Bovine Colostrum

First milking colostrum is different than second milking colostrum and third milking colostrum since the quantities and proportions of components change. When the quantities and proportions of the components change, maximum synergism may be lost, and with it the full benefit that nature has designed colostrum to provide. Even with first milking colostrum there is a change in the quantities and proportions of components with each passing hour. The Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry, a college textbook, clearly illustrates that fact with a table showing Transition From Colostrum to Normal Milk. Another matter of importance is that the fat contains vital, active components, such as a group of lipids called gangliosides. Gangliosides participate in diverse biological processes, including neural development, pathogen binding, and activation of the immune system (J Agric Food Chem). Lipids are also involved in the transport and absorption of various components of colostrum. The Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry devotes an entire chapter to lipid composition and properties. Only whole, intact colostrum contains the lipids that nature designed for colostrum. Defatted colostrum does not. If you think nature knows what it is doing and that colostrum should remain whole. intact, and pure, be sure that the colostrum you buy has not been defatted and that nothing has been added to it or taken away from it.

Why Synertek Does Not Sell Capsules

Capsule proponents may argue that capsules bypass the stomach’s digestive enzymes. The truth is that capsules tend to float on stomach contents until releasing the colostrum unprotected in the stomach (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8138903). If you have encapsulated colostrum, drop one of the capsules in water and you will see that it floats until it dissolves. Moreover since capsules prevent the exposure of colostrum to the membranes of the mouth and throat, all benefits that occur in the mouth and throat with natural, not encapsulated colostrum are lost, such as direct protection against infection and healing of the gums and esophagus.

Products – All Synertek Products Have a 100% Satisfaction, 6 Month, Money Back Guarantee.
  • Supplements: Pure 1st six hour colostrum powder; Lozenges; Liquid.
  • Hair Regrowth: Colostral hair regrowth shampoo and conditioner; Hair regrowth serum.
  • Skin care: Colostral maximum regenerating skin serum; Regenerating and moisturizing cream.
  • Personal Care: Colostral hemorrhoid ointment; Acne lotion.
  • Teeth and Gums: Colostrum and organic/wildcrafted herbal tooth brushing powder.

Synertek colostrum is harvested from U.S. Midwestern family farms, carefully chosen for overall quality, with appropriate regard for the health and welfare of the cows and calves, organic practices, and grass feeding.


Synertek’s harvesting and processing company was founded over four decades ago, was the first in the business, and pioneered and perfected colostrum harvesting and processing procedures that have been copied with varying degrees of success by every colostrum company since. Each batch of Synertek colostrum is flash pasteurized and spray dried, in accord with practices perfected through four decades of experience, trial, and research, and proved over time to maintain maximum product quality.

Quality Control

Synertek colostrum is taken only from mature cows and not from the first lactation. This ensures that both the cows and the colostrum are immunologically mature. Each batch of colostrum is tested both by an in-house lab and an independent lab for organic quality and to be certain it meets the parameters of six hour colostrum, and only then is it certified.

The Protein/Lactose Ratio for Determining 1st Six Hour Colostrum

The Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry, a college textbook, describes the rapid decline of protein and increase of lactose as time passes after calving.

Hours post calving Protein % Lactose % Protein/Lactose ratio
0 65.1 8.1 8.0
6 48.9 13.3 3.7
12 35.4 31.2 1.6

As seen above at six hours post calving the protein/lactose ratio has dropped to 3.7. All Synertek colostrum will have a protein/lactose ratio of  3.7 or greater. If colostrum does not meet that standard without removing lactose, then it is not 1st six hour colostrum.

The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.